About Us

RAMEY SOTO was born and raised on the beaches of SoCal and takes pride in being an LA-Native. She grew up in the entertainment industry, both on stage and behind the scenes, where her passion for music has taken her around the world many times on tour with some of the biggest names in the music industry. She brings that creative and worldly prospective to the Relm Lifestyle brand that she and Michell have created. Bringing together their love of travel, artistic expression and passion to empower other women!
MICHELL NEWMAN is a Northern California native, and even though she’s been
in Los Angeles almost 20 years, she’ll always be a NorCal girl at heart. She began a career in the art world, managing contemporary galleries, which ultimately lead to a passion for interior design and art consulting. Jumping course a bit after meeting Ramey, she ended up successfully assisting in the development of the boutique travel agency Ramey started. While the two of them still run that business together today, the course of events of 2020 pushed them to finally start the creative venture they’d always dreamed of, and
Relm Lifestyle Inc. was born!